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Card duck Donald Duck

Finally received the card duck from Premium Magic, available through Penguin for $50. Excited to implement 3D modeling to craft a unique Donald Duck version, complete with an attachable 3D printed head painted with Elmer acrylics. Though the result isn't flawless, it's suitable for the Mickey Mouse-themed show.  STL in the comments

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I personally prefer using a 0.5mm nozzle and opt for low-quality printing to save time.

It's crucial to ensure support is provided: everywhere, at an 86-degree angle.

For printing, I use white filament, and for painting, I rely on Elmer's Painters Opaque, which can be found at this link: Elmer's Painters Opaque Medium Point White Paint Marker.

To secure the pieces in place, I've added sticky dots; alternatively, double-sided tape can be used. Personally, I avoid anything permanent.

The only additional item needed is a red bowtie to complement the duck's neck."

Download stl from zip file below