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genii Tube

Requesting a low cost genii Tube or tubes.

Round classic. make this in white to resemble PVC pipe cut in half

Square tube : wood

Triangle tube : just to make a triple collection

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I designed a circle , square and triangle version of theĀ  genii Tube. as it is my favorite tube

I will probably post the design on patron, or contact me if you want us to print and ship one for you.

the circle was made with white filament that resembles large PVC pipe cut in half. I used duct tape for the backĀ  hinge and rubber band to lock in place.

I much prefer our version as we discovered that the rubber band makes a guitar string gag which can add few seconds to the routine. you can change the tune as you open and close the tube and music like is generated . It can be funny or a misdirection during the show.

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