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My Storage Solution

"The proper placement of props is vital. You don’t want to stop your act midstream to look for an item or turn your back to the audience while diving into a case to find some- thing. Those props should be right where you need them and you should know exactly how you will dispose of them once you are finished. Do not leave yourself with your hands filled with paraphernalia at the end of your routine which restricts a gracious applause posture. Your confidence and the audience’s confidence in you depend on your smooth handling of the items you require." - Richard Osterlind

In this topic. I will share an effective way to organize s the show, quick reset and never look for a missing prop

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I've got this hint from a friend for a super-organized system for my performances. Everything is neatly set up and ready to go in just 3 minutes.

I sort the items for each performance by drawer size, keeping all the stuff I need for a particular act in one drawer. I also have special places for long wands and a folder for bigger items like an Axtell drawing board.

I've added a tabletop with Velcro, made a rolling platform for easy classroom-to-classroom transport, and even included a small speaker with a space in one of the drawers.

Sometimes, I need different tricks for different age groups of kids, so I use extra drawers. It's easy to switch them out based on the audience. Everything is neatly stored in a super-organized, mobile drawer box that I can customize for any show. Setting up the tabletop and covering it to make a 'magic table' only takes 5 seconds. No more hunting for props or spending time on setup – just roll it in and start your show.

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