The Switch Can + Crayon

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The Switch Can + Crayon

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This design serves multiple purposes. The can features two chambers: one for holding three tennis balls or a modern 8oz Coke glass bottle, while the larger compartment facilitates a Coke bottle sucker vanishing act. When the audience requests to see the bottle, the other chamber opens, revealing a pop snake. Designed to fit inside a Pringle chip can, it also comes with a crayon label and an optional crayon-like lid, adding a playful twist to your coloring routine and incorporating gags.


Printer settings: I personally use .5mm nozzle

For the large tube, I used

  • low quality settings to save time
  • Brim plate adhesion to make sure tube don’t fall off bed

Lid : default printing settings

Crayon: default printer settings


Additional materials needed:

Optional: Spring snake like this one [Link:]



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