069- The Horus Block Escape

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069- The Horus Block Escape

Similar to the Vampire Block Escape this is a Block Release method.

The Horus Escape is 13 centimeters tall and has been artistically designed and painted with an antique finish .

Extra examinable block to hand to your audience (after switching it).

Wand obelisk

Effect: The magician shows a cabinet without a top, front, or back, along with a block. The block has a hole that matches holes in the cabinet’s sides. Then, a Obelisk shape wand is presented, and a story about Horus is told. Next, the block is openly placed inside the cabinet in full view. The wand obelisk is then inserted through the holes in the cabinet, impaling the block and locking it in place. the magician slowly pulls the block right through the wand and completely out of the cabinet, without any covering!

Some 3D-printed parts may have flaws and could deform when under high temperatures . 🌞



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