Recreation of School Daze by Alan Warner

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Recreation of School Daze by Alan Warner
Recreation of School Daze by Alan Warner, this showcases a board with three initially white fruits. As children inform the performer about the perceived colors and engage in amusing actions, the fruits undergo a series of hilarious transformations to ultimately display the correct colors.  Remarkably, this illusion involves 3 color  changes.  Please note that this prop is an entirely replicated version, and we have no association whatsoever with the original creators.
The dimensions are 11 x 10 x 2 inches.
Utilizing 3D printing technology, fabric, and vinyl components, this set exemplifies modern craftsmanship. The frame boasts a metallic rose gold paint finish. Also an alternate ABC version is available upon request. see last pic.
Video instructions can be recorded .
Also available in ABC format, see product pictures



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