008 – Strats-o-Cube: A Rubik’s Cube StratOsphere

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008 – Strats-o-Cube: A Rubik’s Cube StratOsphere
The routine begins by showing a single-color Rubik’s Cube that appears to solve itself with each turn. As the performance progresses, more single-color cubes are introduced. A square tube, employing optical illusions, is then employed to transpose the position of the red cube. The trick concludes with the a Tesseract, making the red cube disappear and reappear in the stack.

Key Features:

  • Set of three distinctive single-colored self-solving speed cubes
  • Optical illusion tube gimmick that enables an interactive display for the audience
  • Vanishing Tesseract capable of making a cube disappear as a standalone effect
  • Intriguing and unique design

Comes with:

  • Three single-colored self-solving cubes
  • Gimmick
  • Special tube designed to house the cubes
  • Vanishing Tesseract
  • Video instructions
  • No original / special packaging


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