020 The Breakaway Spoon

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020 The Breakaway Spoon

The magician entrusts the audience volunteer with his most precious and expensive spoon, only for it to instantly fall apart in their hands, similar to the BreakAway wand.

This spoon adds a comedic touch to the magic Pizza Box routine or any food/cooking-themed presentation.


  • Resembles the appearance and feel of a wooden spoon
  • 14 inches in length, ideal for stage performances
  • Includes an extra breakaway piece (longer) in case of rope loosening


  • The item is 3D printed, and parts may have minor imperfections.
  • String adjustment is facilitated.
  • The item is crafted from wood like material with wood fiber infused into plastic. spoon is not heat-resistant and may deform if exposed to sunlight in a car during the summer.



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