063 Four Wrong Makes a Right

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063 Four Wrong Makes a Right

For four consecutive attempts, the magician makes incorrect guesses about the card chosen by the spectator. However, when revealing the opposite side of the stand, the correct card is unveiled in a jumbo size.

– Plastic card stand
– Gimmicked cards
– Stand disassembles for pack flat
– Silk or polyester cloth
– Link to video instruction

Please note that a deck of playing cards, including a few force cards, will be included. The image provided is just a sample, and the jumbo card could depict any picture card, along with random back cards. The jumbo gaff cards are physically cut from a larger jumbo card and glued onto the back of a Bicycle card. If you prefer factory-printed cards, you can explore this product from Penguin Magic, which can be used within this setup: link.

Contact us for stand alone without silk or cards for a discounted price of 49$



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