001-Super Sight: The 5 Elements

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001-Super Sight: The 5 Elements

Invite your spectator to pick a colored stone. Without displaying or examining the pieces, you will consistently and accurately name the chosen colored disk,

These stones symbolize the elements of water, fire, earth, air, and the elusive 5th element. The box is adorned with letters corresponding to each element - W, F, E, A, V. The lid boasts a diameter of 53mm (2 inches), and the colored stones measure 40mm in size.

Pros, Remarks, and Cons:

  • Due to the 3D printing process, the lid offers more flexibility when tightening compared to brass, which tends to be more precise.
  • The lid features personalized markings in the form of playing card suit symbols.
  • While the product doesn't come with packaging or written instructions, we are prepared to provide video instructions upon request.


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